What is HostMyApple?

HostMyApple is a Mac Virtual Private Server (VPS) service and Mac Dedicated Cloud hosting provider. We provide users with a macOS hosted system it in our amazing datacenter. We offer multiple redundant high speed networks and reliable power systems. You can use your server in any way you want including: web hosting, file sharing, mail services, client management, iChat server, iCal server, etc.

How well does macOS function as a server?

macOS is very powerful capable of functioning as a server for a small to medium sized business. We love Apple because the hardware used to build their machines is of the highest quality allowing top notch performance in a small and reliable package.

Why a Mac Server?

A Mac VPS or dedicated server allows you to run web services or develop in the cloud with such applications as XCode on our high speed network and interconnect to a variety of network service providers with minimum cost and complexity but with maximum security, reliability and redundancy delivering maximum “system uptime”. The combination of our high speed redundant network and power systems ensure that your Mac server is capable of perfoming at its best.

Upon signup the provisioning process begins. Once provisioning is completed you will receive an email with your IP and login credentials along with instructions. Generally, you will receive your login information the same day you signup.
The are a number of tools available to allow you to control you Mac remotely. We recommend Apple Remote Desktop, VNC, or LogMeIn. Any one of these tools will allow you to control your Mac from anywhere as if you were sitting right in front of it. We highly recommend Chicken of the VNC .
You can run any application or service you wish! Examples of what you can run on your server includes, but is not limited to: Web server, FTP server, iChat server, Apple Mail server, Database services, a game server.... Anything you wish!
You may reboot your HostMyApple macOS VPS at any time from our customer portal (www.hostmyapple.com/whmcs) and navigating to Services-> Click Your Server-> Reboot Server
We recommend backing up your data using any number of popular services such as DropBox or Backblaze.
Yes! We can reset your VPS image back to it's original state at any time. For more information please submit a ticket.
Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied within your first 14 days of service we will refund any service charges that you have paid.
Each of our nodes are connected to a full duplex 1000mbps (Gigabit) connection. This is fast enough to power even the most demanding websites.
Yes! Feel free to ping or traceroute:
Our network is powered by redundant Cisco 6500's to ensure low latency and fast transfer rates. The data center is located on the Grady Memorial power grid, the most reliable power grid in Georgia. In addition, our Data Center has dedicated diesel generator backup and Powerware UPS to assist in the event of a power failure. We are confident that our infrastructure is powerful and reliable.
Upon setup we will send you the static IP address to access your server. In order to have your domain connect to your machines IP we recommend going through your domain registrar and pointing your A-Record to the IP address. Most registrars will offer this service but if not we recommend CloudFlare. They offer a variety of DNS services ranging from residential dynamic DNS service to full enterpise DNS management. Visit www.cloudflare.com for more info.
Yes, each macOS VPS and dedicated server hosted with us will have its own static IP address. You can add additional IP addresses when you sign up or at any time by contacting us.
Yes, Just open a ticket with support and specify which package you would like to upgrade to and we will schedule the upgrade at your convenience.
This is a very common issue when performing an macOS system update. Screensharing will become disabled while system files are updated, please allow up to 45 minutes for the system to become responsive again. If it takes longer than 45 minutes please contact support and we can advise you of the status.
We highly recommend Dropbox (dropbox.com) for transferring files to and from your macOS VPS. It can also be used as an excellent method for backing up you data.
For backups we highly recommend either Backblaze (backblaze.com) or DropBox (Dropbox.com) While we take many precautions to secure your data, we always highly recommend performing regular backups :)
Open Terminal and navigate to the directory: /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/
Run the command sudo ./vmware-resolutionSet 1920 1080
Note: You may substitute 1920 1080 for your desired resolution.
Upon sign up you will be billed a prorated amount from the sign up date through the 1st of the next month. Example: If you signup fon the 18th you will be billed for the 18th through the 30th. If you signup within 5 days of the start of the next month, you will also be billed for the following month.
All services are billed on the 1st of every month. You will receive an invoice by email about 2 weeks prior as a reminder and another email as confirmation when payment has been made.
Yes, Once your account has been active for a period of 90 days you have the option to switch to annual billing. If you wish to have this option please contact support after you have been active for 90 days or more so we can enable this option.
Yes! We do not require any contact term, you may cancel service at any time you wish.
You may cancel your service by visiting the customer portal and clicking: Services->My Services->View Details->Management Actions->Request Cancellation. You may also cancel by opening a ticket with support requesting cancellation.

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